Culinary Team Image

Culinary Team

Sister Maria Goodlett

Sister Christma Patterson

Sister Lavern Patterson

Mother Magnolia Howard

Mother Pauletta Jones 


To provide meals for various events as scheduled, including annual days, funerals, and fellowship services, to plan menus, purchasing and preparing the food, setup of dining area, serving food, and cleanup of dining and kitchen areas, to provide culinary food service in a Christ-centered manner and in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Christ Temple Church.

Deacon/Deaconess Ministry Image

Deacon/Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Rosetta Carter

To be totally committed and ready to follow the instructions and leadership of the Pastor

To assist the Deacon Ministry as needed in carrying out their duties

To serve as a role model of service to the congregation

Deaf Ministry Image

Deaf Ministry

 Sister Yvonne Berry

To share the Gospel with the Deaf 

To Interpret the preaching of the Gospel, services, and church functions

Train hearing congregants, focusing on church auxiliaries, in sign language presentations (i.e. children’s choir).  This auxiliary is being developed


Evangelism/Outreach Ministry Image

Evangelism/Outreach Ministry

Sister Dawn Walters

Sister Tylisa Jones

Sister Christma Patterson

Sister Lenzie Armour

Lead: District Elder James E. Coats

Witnesses for Christ by going door to door in the community 

Provides outreach services such as clothing give-a-ways, food give-a-ways, and all evangelism efforts

Raise awareness of the surrounding community about the programs and services at the church

Follow-up with visitors to assess worship experience at the church and to maintain their contact with the ministry

Foreign Mission Ministry

Minister Ola Thurman 

Provide financial support to those called to  serve in  foreign missionary work (building churches, schools, and other outreach ministries)

Support foreign mission projects financially of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and other projects approved by the pastor

Ensure on-going programming and offerings to support foreign mission projects

Managerial/Administrative Team Image

Managerial/Administrative Team

Sister Yvonne Berry
Deaconess Rosetta Carter
Sister Tylisa Jones
Sister Dawn Walters

To oversee the financial, operational, and administrative aspects of the church

To confirm if the church is financially capable of carrying out the mission of the church

To provide summary of financial contributions to congregants

Media Ministry Image

Media Ministry

First Lady Bettie Coats
Sister Yvonne Berry
Sister Tylisa Jones

The Ministry seeks to enhance the worship experience of the congregation by providing quality video and audio services during worship services and other Ministry events.  This Ministry is not fully developed
To support the taping, editing, and broadcasting of services on available public access stations

Men’s Ministry (Brotherhood Department)

Brother Gary Goodlett, Sr.

Brother Anthony Smith

Help men reinforce their commitment to Christ, church and family

Motivate men to model Christ at home, at work, and in the community

Encourage men to  participate in the support of the ministry at the New Christ Temple Church

Help men to be more aware of their God-given talents and gifts

This auxiliary is being developed

Ministerial Alliance Image

Ministerial Alliance

Minister Ola Thurman
Minister Pauletta Jones

To assist in the development of the ministers, missionaries, and teachers in the congregation

To support and carry out the mission and vision of the Church as directed by the pastor

To model behavior and Christian principles to the general congregation

Missionary/ Women Auxiliary

First Lady Bettie Coats

Dedicate to the service of the church vision set forth by the pastor

Support the Prayer Partner Project, initiated by the First Lady

Support the annual outreach efforts:  Thanksgiving Baskets, Annual Days, community cut reach efforts (i.e. clothing give-a-way, neighborhood canvassing)

Motivate women to develop their God-given talents and gifts in the kingdom of God

Mother’s Board Auxiliary Image

Mother’s Board Auxiliary

Mother Magnolia Howard
Mother Pauletta Jones

Inspire younger believers through encouraging, educating, and modeling lives and behaviors by mature, experienced and aged women

Model the life of prayer for the pastor, his family, congregation, community, and those in need of natural and spiritual development

Communicate with Christian love to the young people and others by using life experiences to build  the Kingdom of God

Plan and execute the annual Mothers’ Board Annual Day program for the congregation, fellow churches, and the community

Music Ministry Image

Music Ministry

Sister Maria Goodlett
Sister Christma Patterson
Minister Ola Thurman
Brother Gary Goodlett, Jr.

To enhance the spirituality and edify the entire church body through ministering music that will glorify God

To meet the spiritual needs of the church and community through the medium of music

To glorify God and to usher in the presence of the Lord during the worship service through music provided by the Adult Choir,  Youth Choir,  Inspirations of Joy (Children’s Choir), Mass Choir, Brotherhood Choir, and Praise and Worship Team


Sunday School Auxiliary Image

Sunday School Auxiliary

Sister Latisa Reives
Sister Dawn Walters 

Educate the church members and visitors in an structured, planned, and motivating method by trained and engaging teachers during the Sunday-School hour

Encourage students to model the principles  learned in Sunday School in their every day lives

Ensure that children, youth, and adults are actively engaged by the Sunday School Department leadership

Ushers' Ministry Image

Ushers' Ministry

Sister Maria Goodlett  

Greet those entering the sanctuary with a warm, polite behavior

Assist in maintaining order in the worship service

Be an usher that is always pleasing to God

Be committed and dedicated to the vision of the Pastor


Youth Ministry Image

Youth Ministry

Minister Ola Thurman

Sister Brandie Thurman

Sister Christma Patterson

Increase the level of commitment of children and youth in the congregation, Involve every person under the age of 20 in the New Christ Temple Church, Improve the planning, programming, and implementation of services involving  children, youth, and young adults